Advice to reduce your power prices

Conserving electricity converts into a reduction in greenhouse gases as well as environment change. Inning accordance with energie vergelijken , the actions to be carried out for the conserving of electrical power are as follows:

1. Usa low intake lights: conserve up to 75% of energy.

2. Turn off the light when you leave a space.

3. Usage natural light as long as feasible, open curtains and place skylights.

4. If you require heating, established the thermostat to 20 ° C or less and cover on your own a little additional inside your home. Each added grade stands for an added 7% of energy usage.

5. If you require using a/c, set the thermostat to a tolerable temperature level, use light as well as light clothes that permits you to successfully show solar radiation. Each added level of cooling stands for an added 7% of energy intake.

6. Use the washing machine complete: you will conserve water and power.

7. Buy seasonal food and generate locally. They are less expensive from the point of view of transportation and refrigeration (they do not require intake of gases as well as electrical power).

8. Freeze your refrigerator: frost produces an insulation that can lug an extra 20% of electric usage.

9. Replace your old fridge (over Ten Years old) with high power consumption, for a modern-day low-consumption one ( takes in 1/3 part of electricity). The expense distinction is paid with energy cost savings.

10. Maintain the fridge doors shut and make sure it seals tightly.

11. Appell your computer if you are not using it: a device in standby setting could represent approximately 70% of your day-to-day intake.

12. Disconnect all electric home appliances you are not using, being linked they consume power (even if they are not switched on).

13. If it is within your opportunities, utilize different energies for the manufacturing of power, such as solar batteries to utilize solar power, wind generators (wind driven), to name a few.

14. Stay clear of ironing and also excess coffee.

15. If you have stoves it is best to replace them with gas ranges.

16. Switch off the lights on your job area in the underused usual locations


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