Correctly Acquire: Tips for acquiring a headgear

The head is our crucial part of the body. When riding a motorbike, it needs to be protected as much as possible. We will inform you how to select the right helmet for your head.

Just what should I keep an eye out for when buying a motorcycle safety helmet?

safety and security

Most notably, the safety helmet is secure. This suggests that he needs to adhere to the EU standard ECE-R 22.05 regardless. All marketed safety helmets who want to satisfy this standard are checked by TÜV. Among other things, the shock absorption and also the shape stability are checked. The chin strap is examined for tear toughness. Visors are checked for scrape resistance, light transmission, optical properties along with effect and also infiltration stability.

Most on the internet shops and also motorcycle gear shops sell just headgears that satisfy this criterion. Inside the headgear there is a note on the in that it fulfills the requirement. When it comes to visors, there is the indication that they meet the standard, stamped on the edge.

Key – Exactly how does a motorcycle safety helmet sit?

Along with the safety and security, the headgear should likewise fit completely, or else it provides lowered defense in the event of a loss.

When fitting, continue as complies with:

1. Examine the fit

The safety helmet has to confine the head so that it does not feel uneasy. He is allowed to sit reasonably firmly, while the inner pillows use a bit when used. Then test whether the safety helmet does not slip on the head when the chin band is open.

2. Quick examination

In this test try to push the helmet over your head forward. Close the chin strap and realize the safety helmet at the back side. Now pull the safety helmet up. Only if the helmet can not be removed, it is suitable.

3. Longer test

Keep the safety helmet a bit longer to see if the headgear presses for about 5-8 minutes. Unique interest is paid to the ears, temple as well as temples. Additionally, examine if the food triggers itching.

4. Check furniture

Preferably, buy a helmet with pillows that can be gotten rid of. After that, you could cleanse the cushioning and change extra padding when they are put on. For some producers, the pads could also be changed by thicker or thinner pads to enhance the fit of the headgear.

5. Check air flow

The safety helmet ought to have ventilation ducts in the complying with places: chin, temple and also in the area of the visor. Air flow slots must additionally be situated at the top and also rear of the helmet.

6. Optional: seat with glasses

If you are wearing phenomenon wearers, you should absolutely examine whether there suffices room in the location of the ears. Otherwise the brackets will certainly push promptly. So try the helmet with glasses!

7. Check the operability

Use motorbike handwear covers as well as examination if you could still make use of all the functions of the safety helmet. These include the chin band closure, the visor and the air flow slots.

8. Ideally: examination drive

If you currently have the bike driving license, you must additionally examine the headgear during a test trip. Ensure that the visual field excels and that no unpleasant noise occurs throughout owning.


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