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Thanks for visiting the web page South America Facts where some information regarding the private countries of South America to the groups getaway as well as travel, nation as well as individuals, Culinary, History, Interests and Geography anticipated. We would love to share with you our enthusiasm for the South American continent, its residents, views, cultural heritage and, most importantly, its nature. Since this website is a task for South America fans, which has actually established itself the target, as much information, recognizing gather, however additionally like pointless or bizarre understanding about South America Whenever somebody from our team finds out something intriguing, she or he will certainly deposit it right here.

Nation Info South America.

You will certainly find on our site all nations of the continent represented: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Falkland Islands, French Guiana, Guyana, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay as well as Venezuela. In addition, you will discover thorough details on the specific groups. Below a vibrant mishmash:

Location, greatest mountains, Aconcagua with 6962, specifically 4000 m higher than the Zugspitze and the greatest mountain beyond Asia, as well as naturally the highest in South America, before the Ojos del Saldado, 6893, also in Argentina, partially Chile; The first from this listing of not in Argentina is the dual summit Nevado Huascarán in Peru. The acme of Bolivia is not on the Illimani however on the Sajama, among the greatest volcanoes on earth, which lies in the national park of the very same name. Among one of the most lovely mountains is the “White Cathedral”, as the Alpamayo in Peru is additionally called.

Holidays as well as taking a trip in South America

Vacations as well as Tourism, La Paz, Bolivia holidays, the highest possible seat of government of the globe as well as playground for millions of Indians, colonial buildings in extraordinary hill views, journeys to Lake Titicaca and also boat excursion to the Sun Island, we mention a floating island in the lake, excellent holiday accommodations in Chopacabana, ** *** – Hotels as well as solution. Machu Pichu in Peru, overnight trips with neighborhood overviews of the old Inca damages in the middle of the Andes, visiting Cusco and also Lima, where the social life trembles. Trip to the Galapagos Islands, 1000 kilometers off the shore of Ecuador, distinct biodiversity and also biodiversity, Dawin finches and Galapagos – Turtles. To the two-country edge in between Brazil as well as Argentina to the waterfalls of Iguazu; With the jeep to Patagonia and also the ship to the Easter Island; Barbecuing in the Atacama desert and also showering in Port of Spain on Trinidad.

Background of South America

History, Argentina, Peron and also Eva Duarte, referred to as Evita, German immigrants contribute a water fountain in Buenos Aires, the pre-Columbian time is made forgotten by the Spaniards as well as Portuguese, argentum = silver, find the conquerors there really hope unlike el dorado, the land of gold that they suspect in the Andes and also ultimately destroy it, moves from the gold of the Incas come to Spain, some ships will certainly be lost, the residents are ruled over and also the Christian faith has actually shown up in South America. Suriname, as Dutch Guyana, A history as a Dutch province and also the only nation in South America tours with this nation language.

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