Finest guidance to market your very own developments

Real social sensation, the Do It Yourself is today a trend inevitable amongst the French that turn more and more in the direction of the handmade. Large, the Do It Yourself combines numerous creative arts such as embroidery, drawing, paint, sculpture or knitting as well as as a result touches a multitude of people. This is why several French people today determine to begin marketing their developments. If you want this location, right here are some ideas to assist you!

Recognize the distinction ready between innovative leisure ( Do It Yourself) and handicraft:

Creative recreation is available of everybody with several tutorials available on specialized blogs as well as the extremely created offer of stores marketing beauties as well as various other materials to achieve whatever on your own. To intend to market ( and also live from the sale) of his productions is an additional world and it is necessary to be knowledgeable about it before introducing. We must instantly see in mind the key word that sums up the entire process: “professionalisation”.

In hand-made craft sales, this suggests marketing developments with added value: your innovative work, your expertise ( productions that no one else could quickly produce you). You need to create your innovative suggestion, your principle, your world. And giving monetary worth to your working time as well as your creative thinking will certainly make you switch to the globe of sales.

Well placed in terms of offering prices is vital: in times of situation, the Do It Yourself, the

customization and also recycling (” I am a bag with my old jeans”) is THE solution for numerous … so you will have to deal with To seduce and also convince, ensure it!

Developing a website

Allow blog sites to creative pastimes! You are a designer as well as you propose handmade : you require a assistance that valorizes your productions, which facilitates the flow of order and that enables to appreciate the norms of mail order (Hamon law, with legal states and GTC required ). There are many formulas to conveniently create a qualitative web site as well as with a own domain in.fr.

Your site will have to stand out visually by attractive pictures: for each and every creation 2 preferably 3 pictures (one on white background + one in scenario or staging) …

Interact by selecting the socials media that correspond to your task:

Facebook as well as Pinterest are acclaimed for the makers of handmade yet … do not overlook the real networks! That have a online beginning as well as that organize conferences and also activities in the area!

Consider all feasible distribution channels for your creations:

– Hand-made of systems such Alittlemarket in France (% payment on sales or by paid registration).

– creators Markets ( typically organized in summer or at Xmas). Know prior to the market (selection of stands, prices, advertising …) so as not to lose time and also loan.

– Shops developers: usually Consignment. Take note of the contract! It should specify at least: list of productions deposited + quantity commissions + setting and rhythm of settlement + methods of recovery of productions not offered). You need to inquire previously on the store (contact the makers existing in this store) and also beware to compute your prices inning accordance with the margin made or taken by the store.

– Personal Sales: If you have a broad network!

– Imaginative workshops: if you have a pro insurance coverage. At home or in a shop.

– Collaborations and special partnerships: working in cross establishing your expert network with extra developers in your location …


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