How to use a round saw?

The amateur that wants to buy a saw usually does unknown exactly what type of saw to choose. Of course, no design is global and also suitable for all works. The perfect is to have whatever, yet mostly it will endanger and equip slowly. We take the adhering to various categories of saws with their benefits and downsides.

Portable jigsaws

Scheduled for rounded cuts, it can also make straight cuts but with precision and also effectiveness considerably below a circular saw.

This is also the suitable tool for reducing openings.

Commonly slammed him appropriately its absence of accuracy as well as reduced return. This is true with the exception of the FESTOOL designs in our shop that are without a doubt the most effective jigsaws market thanks to their copyrighted blade overview system.


It is a basic tool, commonly utilized in the wood workshops. The variety of available blades permits both the rapid rate as much finer machining. By choosing a band saw excellent capabilities, accessed suddenly sour a extremely functional equipment!

Raw wood circulation is clean and quick: the thin blade and the capacity to earn bent cuts restrict the maximum loss timber.

the slim blades enable specific tasks such as studs or decoration (when control well, a basic grater call away to end up easily area intricate wall mount).

round Saws

Round saws can execute not only straight cuts and are separated into numerous categories: turning hood to the portable saws, mobile dive, stationary saws on table and radial saws. The COMPA design ( shop) combines the advantages of a radial arm saw and also a table saw.


– This is one of the most common model, a turning hood protects the blade. This permits mobile saw the panels circulation like plywood and also strong timber pieces “on the fly” adhering to a stroke.

– Furnished with the parallel overview, it enables the circulation of assisted little rooms approximately 20 cm optimum size. A parallel fence over 20 centimeters is a harmful procedure.

– These economic mobile saws are a excellent accuracy and also permit all present works.


– This is the Rolls Royce of table saw . Relieve and also safety and security of use, and extreme accuracy make you question just how you might use before another type of portable saw.

– Ideal for circulation rates of panels or strong wood items. It is less comfortable quantities about the closest parts that the overview rail.

– A large number of accessories as well as a table saw made use of to get out of one of the most diverse situations.

Note that Festool is the developer of the round saw and that its devices are shielded by patents that put them far ahead of all contending designs.


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