How to utilize a Air fryer?

Air fryer

What to do before the initial use your fryer? When to add oil or fat? What oil? What does it cost?? Right here are our tips fryer

1. Prior to utilizing the Air fryer.

1. Connect the control panel

For security reasons, if the control panel is not effectively fixed to the slides, the fryer will not light.

always push the control board down sufficient, till you listen to a click. Contact is made and also you can utilize your fryer.

2. When including the oil/ fat?

> Pour the oil before lighting the fryer: certainly, if the resistance heater in white, it could shed

> Pour sufficient oil before lighting the fryer: Be sure to surpass the minimum oil degree.

> If you are making use of strong fat, let the melt following the instructions in your manual.

2. What oil in my fryer?

The quality of the oil is important.

> Veggie oils such as peanut oil are very suitable for frying. Furthermore, they are less abundant in bad cholesterol.

> The fries are beings made with lard (fat beef or pork) that brings a unique flavor to potatoes.

3. How much oil?

Each version fryer, the producer defines the maximum quantity of oil that can be used. If you surpass the prescribed amount, the oil may spill from the fryer and also create burns.

4. When transforming the oil?

Renew the oil every 8 to 12 uses.

It is additionally recommended to filter after each use.

5. What potatoes?

For crunchy fried on the outside as well as melting inside, select floury potatoes such as Bintje or Vitelotte.

6. What quantity of chips?

Never ever overload your gowise usa air fryer . Constantly check out the instructions for your tool before utilizing it.

If you dive excessive at the same time fried in oil, the oil temperature might decrease as well quick. This does not guarantee you an ideal result.

7. How to make ideal French french fries?

> Use fresh chips as well as make 2 shootings. A initial food preparation for 4-8 mins at 150 ° C. Then allow chips cool (ideally HALF AN HOUR). After that cuissez them once more at 180-190 ° C.

If using frozen french fries, the very first shooting is not necessary because they are currently pre-cooked.

If utilizing fresh fries, rinse them initially to cold water to remove a section of the starch. Dry it with a clean towel. Your fries will be even crisper.

As well as alumettes french fries? These do not call for pre-cooking because they are extremely slim.

> See to it the oil is warm sufficient by dipping a piece of bread, if bubbles show up on the bread, the oil prepares.

PS: the selection of potatoes you make use of will certainly constantly have a small influence on the cooking time.


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