Tattoos: Tips for aftercare and also care

You intend to satisfy the enduring dream of a tattoo? A desire with dangers: That is the ideal tattoo musician for me? Are tattoo shades damaging? I make my new tattoo optimal? We will certainly assist you discover response to the inquiries around your tattoo as well as discuss how to take care of your tattoo.

Tattoos have actually been utilized by people for many centuries to enhance the body. Tattoos formerly belonged as well as were scheduled for seafarers, milieue sizes and also crooks. That does unknown the renowned “juggling splits”, which should explain that the ” happy” holder currently has a prison stay behind him? This photo has actually transformed considerably considering that the 1960s: Today, tattoos are part of the street scene and also more than that. Tattoos have actually come to be corporeal, great tattooists often have waiting times of numerous months. Regarding 13% of the Germans are currently tattooed, as well as over 70% of the tattooed think about a new tattoo. More than 2 thirds of them already have a 2nd tattoo. In the US, an also more clear photo emerges, as more than half of the “mid-ager” aged 30 to 40 years are tattooed below.

A tattoo is medically a wound!

Within the extent of a tattoo, shade is presented with a really little needle, which permeates the skin approximately 8000 times per min. “In tattooing, hundreds of little stitches, which from the point of view of the body are nothing else but a multitude of small injuries, are produced,” states Dr. Timo Spanholtz, specialist for plastic surgery from Cologne. ” As well as these injuries have to recover. For that reason it is very vital to prepare the body for the tattoo as well as to support it in the phase after the tattoo through special active ingredients, “the doctor highlights. Learn more about tattoo supply later on in this short article. It is necessary regardless to organize the essential care products before tattooing, in order to have the ability to stand them in the shower room.

Colored or black? Large or tiny?

Around fifty percent of all tattoos in Germany are “black/ white”. The 2nd most typical shade is red, complied with by blue, environment-friendly as well as yellow. Typically tattoos in Germany are about 20x20cm extremely big. Straight tinted motifs, which are subjected to the UV radiation, fade rapidly without sun-protecting care already in the preliminary phase. Motifs come to be pale and also lines become indistinct.

When choosing the studio, the design and also the ideal method, nevertheless, you are faced with numerous inquiries: Who can suggest me? That understands his responsibility as a serious tattoo artist, functions clean, trustworthy and conscientious? There is currently an enormous option of tattoo studios not only in huge cities like Perfume, Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. Generally, 10,000 individuals already have a studio in cities.


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