Tips as well as techniques for food preparation beef

For a delicious meat, there are some guidelines. The initial of these is regard for the food preparation to match the tune. There are items quick food preparation rather located at the pet’s back (to grill, fry or roast in) and also items rather sluggish food preparation on the front ( steaming, simmering, braising). Selecting Dry Aged Beef involves Quality. You could request for recommendations and also depend on him.

The main food preparation methods …

Fry: meat is seized then prepared at heats in the fat. The cooktop ought to constantly be hot, to be perfectly access, the meat ought to sear on contact with heat.

Grill: meat is heat input on a grill or grill, constantly hot. Optionally oil the grill with a brush or lightly massage the item of beef with a drizzle of oil.

Roasting: the meat is prepared in the oven. Pre-heat the stove with lightly oiled baking recipe. Always pick a recipe with roast dimensions, not too small nor also huge. Slide skilled meat in the meal: do grasp a couple of mins in a warm stove (Th 7/8 – 220 ° C.), After that lower the temperature (Th 6/7 – 200 ° C.).

Braising: meat and baked returned covered in some liquid. In a gently oiled casserole, brownish meat on all sides in order to preserve its juices. When it is evenly colored, include your fragrant garnish (onion, thyme, bay …), period and dampen up with water, wine, brew. Meat must be hardly covered with fluid. Delicately boil and also allow simmer up until the meat is tender. You could also put the covered dish in a low stove (Th. 5 – 150 ° C). Stir from time to time, include some fluid if essential. Allow concerning 3 hrs for cooking your meat is melting at will.

Boil: The trademark dish of this cooking technique is the pot-au-feu. Meat to boil are directly immersed in a huge volume of salt and flavorful water, ideally when the last is to boil. Cook the meat in little bubbling and covered, approximately 1 h 30, then add the vegetables: onions, carrots, turnips, leeks, celery … Always keep a minor shudder. Allow about 4 hours for a great smelling, tender as well as yummy.

The conservation of meat …

For much better conservation in your refrigerator, it’s ideal to place the bundles of meat in the chilliest part (between 0 ° C and + 2 ° C ), avoiding stacking so the meat to breathe. Your butcher wrap the meat in a wax paper created for conservation. It maintains to 3 or 4 days relying on the items in their initial product packaging. The hamburger at the demand should be consumed within 12 hrs of acquisition.

For meat packaged in trays, bear in mind to stick to Date Consumption Limit (DLC) shown by the words’ usage by … “.


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