Transporting a lorry on a trailer


To board the vehicle have to pass mostly with a ” delivery representative” or forwarding agent (see get in touch with information in the yellow web pages) which will certainly arrange customs clearance, the arrangement of a container And also craning. At the port of arrival, it is necessary to find one more maritime agent that will certainly do the very same operation to “import” the automobile.

Consequently, it is necessary to constantly ask for an “arrival get in touch with” from his representative at the port of separation. The papers – specifically the “bill of filling”, the paper essential to recuperate his car and which is issued by the delivery company after the separation of the watercraft – will arrive certainly directly with this one. In addition, the freight forwarder will look after all the documents as well as eventually locate a severe insurer to insure the vehicle in the nation. Its costs might often be higher than those of transport. Because there are considerable distinctions in between the various delivery representatives, have a quote ready and also validate that all costs are included.

The selection of freight forwarder is consequently very important. And it is occasionally far better to pay a bit a lot more in order to have a assurance of profits in return.


” A tax obligation of FF 2300 was payable to the vehicle arrives in South Africa and also refundable if the automobile leave the country within 90 days Upon departure, I reported to my forwarder without much hope 3 months after my return, I was compensated at the price level: Move Abidjan-Cape Community A/ S in container = 3,300 FF Products forwarding exploration to Abidjan = 6,600 FF. ( Omitting tax obligation reimbursed to me) Transport Cape Town-Le Havre A/ S in container = 4 400 FF Transit forwarding expenditures to Cape Town (all comprehensive) = 4 875 FF. forwarding expenditures in Le Havre (all inclusive) = 4490 FF.

for “all inclusive” indicates the various taxes paid at customs (for the car transport quotes ), documents, renting out the container, loading or unloading, Storage space, insurance. To report at the fuel level that a storage tank need to be full or vacant (the risk of explosion is due to the gas given off by the gas and not to the fuel), yet customs officers have to ‘ overlook. In Abidjan, the ship approved full containers while in Cape Town, they cleared leaving only a few liters. Now it was the same business for the outside and also return “


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